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Stand out for a low price

That's the motto we want to follow and that's what a watch is all about, stand out, grab attention and finalize your outfit. But unfortunately it's quite hard to stand out for a low price in today's watch industry. That's why we have created TimeHolders. Buying a watch shouldn't depend on the price but on the looks and the feeling.

And ofcourse you won't need to know about the latest trends in the watch industry because we have a team ready to serve you the most trendy watches. The TimeHolders team is ready to do almost all the work for you, choosing affordable watches, researching the quality and decide whether it is trending or not.

On TimeHolders.com we offer several watches from wholesalers across the globe, from the US to China. We are continously searching for the best prices so we can offer you fresh looking watches at a affordable price. Because, we source our products from multiple international wholesalers the shipping time will be around 2-4 weeks, depending on the product. (Mentioned in describtion).

If you have any questions or feedback we would love to hear it.

Please contact us at info@timeholders.com